The Top 10 Films To Watch Before Your Trip To Tanzania

Oldonyo Lengai Mountain | Photo by Juma Mudimi

Tanzania is amongst the most beautiful places in the world, with all the features necessary to attract both tourists and investors. The northern area of the country is characterized by world-renowned tourist attractions such as Mount Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro National Park, Tarangire National Park as well as Lake Manyara National Park. This area of the country is also very famous for Tanzanite mining. In contrast to the Northern zone, the lake zone is very famous for Lake Victoria as well as gold mining, while the capital, Dar es Salaam, is a popular destination for business activities. With all this on offer, there are many different sides of Tanzania to explore, and coupled with the varying cultures and traditions to be found in the different geographical zones, there is ample material for cinematographic exploration. Here are the top ten films to watch that will get you in the mood for your trip to Tanzania. Read more here.

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